Week 7 Digital Presentation


4 thoughts on “Week 7 Digital Presentation

  1. Adam this is a great presentation. I would not have chosen the slide theme with the off-center circles and multi-directional animation for a class, fearing it would seem too “flashy.” But you have proven me wrong – you used it in exactly the right way, with very simple headings and perfectly timed narration backing up the photos and text on the screen. What’s more, the movement keep me mentally engaged when I was staring at one heading and simultaneously trying to process your narration. With a more “traditional” format that sits still on the screen, my attention wavers and I have to work harder to process the presentation. Also you did a great job of keeping it to the 5 minute time limit, which is something I really stuggle with (although I did much better on this presentation than the last one). The content had just enough depth to teach the viewer something without going into any unnecessary detail. This is my favorite of all the presentations so far – including mine! Well done. I only have one suggestion: I think when you finished a quote you closed it with “un-quote.” (Correct me if I’m wrong there, people commonly say ‘un-quote’ even in news media) I think the correct term is “end-quote.” Again, correct me if I’m wrong! Great presentation.


  2. Wow! First, the format you used for your presentation was engaging. Content aside, you provided a visually pleasing, easy to follow presentation that kept my attention.

    From a content perspective, you presented a clear and concise thesis. The various theories and traditions you cited in in your presentation fully supported your thesis in using this film as “equipment for living” for independent thinkers. Specifically, your references to symbolism and homology, connecting the message of the movie to the viewers experience and how they interpret the message. I also appreciate how you shared your personal experience with this film. You connected to this film on an integrative level, and for you it translated to defining leadership, creativity and courage.

    The methodology with respect to your thesis for this study makes sense. As you discussed, characters in film are seen as communication symbols that impact us in implicit and explicit ways. Determining the effects of fictional characters on decision-making in general could provoke a larger study. I would be interested to see if there is a connection between the types of films someone watches and how they connect to that film in an undifferentiated, differentiated or integrated manner. How is their decision making process is impacted? I know it is broad, but it is just a thought!

    I truly enjoyed your presentation, it has giving me food for thought in many ways! Well done!


  3. Adam, your presentation was very appealing and kept me engaged. You had a logical flow. I clearly understood the connection that you made between Burke’s ‘equipment for living’, the rhetorical tradition and the film Animal House. I especially enjoyed your example of integration when you connected the food fighting scene to a personal experience you had with starting a food fight. I would have never guessed that you would be daring enough to do something like that as I myself would not have enough courage to do so! Depending on your reasoning for beginning the food fight, I would say that your trying to exemplify leadership would be great motivation to start a food fight. I think your example could have been strengthened by going into a little more detail as to why you started the food fight but I understand with only five minutes that can be a great challenge. Overall, your presentation was a organized and a pleasure to watch. Great job!


  4. Adam, I laughed out loud when I saw which movie you had chosen! Never would I have thought that “equipment for living” could come from Animal House, but you made your points very clear to where I could understand your argument of how the behaviors and outcomes of the characters of this movie, supported with the themes you described, can help people deal with their own personal experiences. Your food fight comparison demonstrated this point well. After watching your presentation, I couldn’t help but wonder the negative outcomes this movie may have had on viewer’s behaviors — rather than reaping helpful information from the movie, perhaps it swayed a segment of viewers to act out in similar ways at their own educational institutions. And perhaps with more dire consequences! That would be one angle I would like to see explored, but I thought you did a great job outlining your points on how the Deltas were viewed as heroic figures, regardless of their “oddball” characters! Also, nice work on the Prezi design!


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