The Good of Public Accountability


2 thoughts on “The Good of Public Accountability

  1. Adam, you pulled it off again. First, I love your choice of film clip – very smart! I haven’t seen “V for Vendetta” in years, but I love it. It provides a great illustration for your content. I’m assuming you used Prezi again, I must try to get hold of Prezi and get a tutorial from you someday, you are the master! I love the way you use it to keep the viewer engaged, my attention never wanders during your presentations. The specific material from the text you chose got my neurons firing as I watched the clip. Although “V” has a bit of a comic book feel, it reminds us that we shouldn’t take for granted that it can’t happen in real life if we’re not careful. This gives me much to chew on going into this week’s discussion – as I anticipated:) Great job!


  2. Hi Adam,
    I Love your choice of film. It really speaks volumes to this week’s discussion.

    What I particularly like is your emphasis on reclaiming or protecting the public space. I too studied Chapter 6, this week and I found that particular insight most important. Chilling – perhaps, too. Because I think I see the public space slipping away in Wisconsin.

    I agree with Neely – excellent use of the Prezi.

    Really great.


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