Final Digital Presentation


Below is the vlog about my Inquiry Project Paper, titled “Web of Conspiracy: Conspiracy Theories as Abusive Political Discourse.” Hope you enjoy.

As always, your feedback is welcomed.

Thanks, Adam


4 thoughts on “Final Digital Presentation

  1. Wow Adam – great topic! I generally don’t think of conspiracy theories as legitimate and therefore don’t connect them to political public discourse. But you are right, some of the craziest arguments out there that polarize us on important issues of our day are no more than just that – conspiracy theories. Also I appreciate being better informed now – I had no idea that some of these arguments (for example, common core promoting homosexuality – really folks?) were part of the discussion. I need to be paying more attention, given as you point out the impact this nonsense has on policymaking. What a world. Thank you for yet another enlightening and educational post! Once again I learned something useful here. Now go enjoy your break 🙂 Well done!


    1. Neely: Thanks for your comments. I was inspired by a story on titled “10 right-wing conspiracy theories that have slowly invaded American politics.” ( Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time or room in this post to discuss in detail, but the story provides good examples of the problem. Recommend that you take a look. Look forward to reviewing your vlog. Take care, Adam


  2. Adam, I’ll echo what Neely said – thanks for enlightening me on the conspiracy theories related to Common Core. Wow! I had no idea theories included promoting homosexuality and denigrating Christianity. While flipping through news stations, I’ll occasionally run across mention of Common Core, but I always assumed the arguments were tied solely to educational methods, not insane strategies that you mention. Nice job once again on an informative post! Have a great holiday season, and look forward to talking with you again in our next class!


  3. Hey Adam!
    I have to smile as I watch you presentation as conspiracy theories are a pet peeve of mine! I think it is so apropos to address this topic in the light of communication ethics as the methods employed to promote these outlandish theories ride of wave of sensationalism and the “public angst” as you mentioned. I think the reaching for power through conspiracy theory is probably as old as time and language. I can see these same methods employed within my church and denomination, my businesses and service projects, as well as my family! Working with refugees in Calais has been tremendously difficult for the very reasons you raise. As our volunteers arrived in Calais this past friday, the camp has turned into a different place with rapes and hate messages hurled at the inhabitants, and of course the popular notion that these refugees are just a cover of ISIS and therefore should not be helped. Yes, I have been personally and publicly attacked to organizing such an effort. It is sad to see conspiracy theories wielding so much influence upon our government, let alone our humanitarian efforts. Well done with the Prezi presentation. Easy to follow and visually in line with your reasoning and message. On to the next class my friend! Have a blessed holiday season.

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