COM 664: Organizational Identity and Brand


Welcome back to my blog. It’s been a while since my last post.

I have created a category for COM 664 – Organizational Identity and Brand, where I will post assignments related to the brand project later in the course. When you return (and I hope you will), select the COM 664 category in the “Menu & Widgets” box at upper right of the home page.

Taking a cue from Neely M, a friend and classmate, here’s the course description for COM 664:

This course explores the ways organizations today craft and communicate an authentic brand identity. As the marketplace changes, organizations are challenged to find ways to differentiate and gain the competitive edge. Connecting with stakeholders through a clear and consistent identity that aligns with organizational values and mission can increase profits as well as customer and employee loyalty. This course highlights the most effective ways to craft brand identity through authentic, strategic messages and visual presentation disseminated through both traditional and mediated platforms. The course also investigates how social networks have changed and challenged efforts to craft organizational identity and brand, as well as the ways employees’ personal identities are ultimately interdependent with organizational identity.

Looking forward to re-connecting.


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