Big Branding Ideas: Acting Small


Below is my podcast about Employee Identification. I interviewed the owner and employees of Bruce Julian Clothier in Charlotte, NC.

The purpose of the project was to provide an opportunity to “critically examine the effects of organizational identification practices (i.e., employee branding) on employees.”

Although I don’t have much of a future as a sound engineer, creating the podcast was fun and I learned a great deal. Unfortunately, the interviews were recorded in store during regular hours, so there’s a lot of ambient noise like a delivery truck and the tailor’s sewing machine idling. Oh well…

Hope you enjoy listening. Comments are welcomed.


One thought on “Big Branding Ideas: Acting Small

  1. Adam, great job! This is not one of my “official discussion comments” for Week 8, but since you mentioned in your post how you regretted the ambient noise, I just wanted to jump in and say I loved that! It really added something to hear the truck in the background as the store owner was talking, and your clips from the employees were very well chosen, and well placed. All in all, well done!


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