Digital & Media

Digital and media literacy demonstrated by the ability to create and evaluate content on at least one digital or media platform related to a specific communication initiative and audience.

The instructors pushed us in unanticipated directions, toward developing a range of technical communications skills in audio and video production. Although these assignments tended to be the highest anxiety-producing, they also resulted in some of the most memorable and fun experiences.

My personal favorite output was the digital project for COM 613 – “Constructing Messages and Audiences”, where I analyzed the press conference to announce the 2015 firing of Tom Ross as president of the University of North Carolina. Titled “22 Minutes of Doublespeak,” the video applied Peter Berger’s motifs for social constructionism to explain why the example of strategic communication failed so spectacularly.

Producing podcasts was another way to demonstrate digital literacy. To demonstrate branding concepts in COM 664 – “Organizational Identity and Brand”, I created a podcast that explored the distinctive identity of my favorite men’s clothing store, Bruce Julian Clothiers in Charlotte, NC. For COM 655 – “The Mediated Self and Changing Relationships,” I produced a podcast to enable teenagers to examine whether and how they adopted different face in their online and digital communications.


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