Ethical consideration within a communication situation demonstrated by the ability to identify, analyze, and evaluate at least one ethical dilemma or scenario related to communication and advocate a specific course of action.

Produced during COM 616 – “Communicating Mindfully,” a paper and related video about conspiracy theories were good examples of addressing an ethical consideration within a communicative situation. My conclusion:

Conspiracy theories are a symptom of the broader problem for our political system, and to some degree others around the globe, of extreme polarization of viewpoints that is paralyzing decision-making, dividing the electorate and preventing the nation from addressing the most pressing needs and progressing. Decreasing levels of civic engagement and informed opinions among citizens have created a vacuum of public understanding, which cynical interests have exploited.  Until this trend is reversed, conspiracy theories are likely to remain a bothersome but potent force in our society.

Another example was a blog post for COM 616 – “Communicating Mindfully”, during a unit about health care communication ethics. I applied the principles found in our text to my family’s contrasting experiences during the deaths of my parents. This was a poignant example of the intersection between real life and my studies.


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