Global Awareness

Global awareness and understanding of international issues and practices related to communication demonstrated by at least one activity or assignment that asks students to explore a communication situation or problem from a global/international perspective.

COM 638 – “Strategic Communication for a Global Audience” provided a comprehensive overview of global communications through cultural, economic, political, historical and other lenses.

The international scandal involving the use of banned performance-enhancing substances Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 10.06.21 PM.pngby Russian athletes was the subject of a research project during the course. The analysis focused on the Russian government’s use of propaganda, denial, and other tactics to mitigate damage to its reputation; although effective in its domestic culture, these measures played out very differently with a global audience. As I concluded, “the results of the study supported the grounded theory that the Russian government limited the ability to achieve its strategic communication intent by failing to align messages among athletes, government officials and other state interests.”

Here is a copy of the study.


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